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Spiritual Financial Gathering

Spiritual Financial Gathering exists to facilitate the development of financial professionals who practice biblical wisdom for the transformation of Houston.

What does it look like when financial professionals get together and all they have in common is their faith?

What does it look like when the same financial professionals share a common vision to transform their daily lives?What are the possibilities?

With a leadership team of professionals from eight firms, the Spiritual Financial Gathering in Houston has sponsored multiple events since August of 2012. To date, more than 350 local advisors have participated in events designed to help these advisors initiate a financial paradigm shift that will help them transform Houston into a "City on a Hill" (Matthew 5:14).

For more information email djones@nationalchristian.com

Leadership Team:

Harry Allcott, Merrill Lynch
John Brentin, Porter Hodges
Steve Caton, UBS
Matt Davis, Oakmont Group
Jack McClain, Capstone Financial
Rick Figueroa, UBS
Randy Schroeder, Ronald Blue & Co
Vince Elliott, Fortiter Wealth Management
Waters Davis, NCF Houston