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Dr. Ken Boa

May 2021 KA Study Group - Perspectives on Prayer

About the Course

Building financial and technical skills is important to each Kingdom Advisor, but if we neglect our own spiritual growth, we can’t expect to see growth in our clients’ lives. A deep and consistent prayer life is a privilege, a pleasure, and a key spiritual discipline for each of us. This Listening Guide accompanies the study group, Perspectives on Prayer, and delves deep into the practice of prayer.

About the Speaker

Dr. Ken  Boa

Dr. Ken Boa

Reflections Ministries

Dr. Kenneth Boa is a writer, teacher, speaker, and mentor working largely with business and professional people in the Atlanta area, throughout the country, and around the world. He writes a free monthly teaching letter (Reflections) and his website, KenBoa.org, offers an abundance of free resources. His publications include Conformed to His Image, I’m Glad You Asked, Face to Face, Faith Has Its Reasons, Augustine to Freud, Handbook to Prayer, Handbook to Leadership, and A Taste of the Classics.

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