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Mitch Anthony

2019 Canada One Day Conference: Discovery from the Inside Out

About the Course

Client discovery is the process that begins at the inception of the financial planning engagement and, ideally, continues throughout. A goal should be to learn the client’s values and priorities to guide the planning process, but too often, client discovery involves polite, surface level questions as a preface to digging into the numbers. In this session, client discovery becomes an “inside out” process, with a differentiation between one’s means and one’s meaning. Discovery from the Inside Out is life-centered rather than investment centered and seeks a holistic approach, focusing on Return on Life over simple ROI.

About the Speaker

Mitch  Anthony

Mitch Anthony

Advisor Insights Inc.

Mitch Anthony has been creating innovative discovery approaches for the advisor community for the past two decades. He is known for having created “Financial Life Planning” (2001), “Return on Life” (2005), and most recently, “Life-Centered Planning” (2017). A prolific author, Mitch’s seminal books include StorySelling for Financial Advisors, The New Retirementality, and Your Clients for Life. Mitch and Steve Sanduski co-founded ROLAdvisor, a coaching community that is helping practices transform into Life-Centered Planning firms, and the Retirement Coaching Program, a program that equips advisors with the skills to help clients navigate modern retirement.

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