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The newest resource providing you with spiritual encouragement, insight from industry leaders, and client conversation guidance.


NEW - Added 3/31/2020

April Study Group

Wisdom for Navigating Client Conversations in Fear - Filled Times Ron Blue shares how advisors can offer perspective and contentment during times of crisis.

Upcoming: Thursday April 2nd, 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

Fearless: Spiritual Encouragement for Advisors in this Crisis

Alistair Begg serves as Senior Pastor of Parkside Church in Cleveland and is a longtime friend of Kingdom Advisors. In a one-hour conference call, KA President Rob West will interview Alistair about the spiritual perspective advisors need for facing this crisis personally while ministering to clients. There will also be time for listener Q&A.

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Spiritual Encouragement

Tools to help you and your clients find strength and hope in God's unchanging character and timeless wisdom

Biblical Response to Crises

Ron Blue on MoneyWise Live 3.13.20


Dealing with Economic Uncertainty

Ron Blue teaches that economic uncertainty is certain, so we should not be surprised by it. This two-minute video reminds us why we need not fear as we handle uncertain times.


Industry Thought Leaders

Analysis, insight, and a biblical response from experts monitoring the virus and its economic impact


Fearless: Market Turmoil and Biblical Response

Replay of 3.13.20 one-hour conference call with KA teaching faculty offering analysis, insight, and a biblical response to the current situation, followed by Q&A.


Finny Kuruvilla on MoneyWise Live

Finny Kuruvilla, MD, PhD, and CIO of Eventide Funds, offers a unique perspective on COVID-19.


Covid-19 Integrating Stories and Data

Eventide Asset Management has published this white paper to help clients accurately understand COVID-19.
Updated 3/24


Perspectives on Coronavirus from Eventide CIO Finny Kuruvilla, MD, PhD

In this video, Eventide Chief Investment Officer, Finny Kuruvilla, MD, PhD, shares his perspective on the current data and stories surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19) as of 3.12.2020.


Client Conversations

Messaging points and other tools from Kingdom Advisors to guide your communication with clients in this season of uncertainty


April Study Group

Wisdom for Navigating Client Conversations in Fear - Filled Times Ron Blue shares how advisors can offer perspective and contentment during times of crisis.


A Message for Clients from Author Ron Blue
Fearless: Three Things You Can Do Today

Ron Blue's 5-minute message speaking directly to clients, helping them move from fear to peace.


A special message from Ron Blue

How should we as advisors handle our current unique situation with our clients? The answer might surprise you. Watch this 3-minute message on the two best things you can do for your clients during this season of fear and uncertainty.


Economic Uncertainty Client Message Points

Ron Blue offers timeless messaging points to help you ground current client conversations in biblical wisdom.


The "Core Message": Money Is a Tool, Test, & Testimony

As an anchor during times of uncertainty, remind clients of the unchanging biblical principles using this simple tool.


Outcomes of Biblical Financial Advice/Contentment Self-Assessment

This conversation-starting self-evaluation will guide clients to examine their own beliefs and attitudes, opening the way for deeper advisor-client engagement during uncertain times.


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