Sharon Epps & Patrick Johnson

Overflow: A New Generosity Conversation


As you help your clients move toward a mindset of generosity, the tools and research findings presented in this session can be helpful. Explore findings regarding the primary opportunities and barriers to whole-life generosity, and get a sneak peek of a new six-module study for families, groups, and churches. Learn a biblical framework for the advisor and client that visually illustrates progress on the generosity journey, along with a conversation guide to help engage the client in dialogue.

About the Speakers

Sharon  Epps

Sharon Epps

Kingdom Advisors

Sharon Epps is the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Training for Kingdom Advisors.  Sharon has a background in corporate banking, as a stewardship pastor, and as an executive with Crown Financial Ministries and Generous Church. Sharon was also a co-founder of Women Doing Well.  Sharon’s passion is to energize stewardship and generosity through highly-leveraged leaders.

Patrick  Johnson

Patrick Johnson

Generous Church

Patrick is president and chief architect at Generous Church and has been working with church leaders for over a decade to spread the transformational message of generosity.