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Incorporating Philanthropic Counsel Into Your Advisory Practice

Jim Wise



This three hour, web-based training course will guide you through the foundational understanding and tactical skill set required for you to effectively incorporate philanthropic counsel into your client conversations.

Course Overview:
Session One: Why Incorporate Philanthropy into My Practice?
Learn what attracts your clients to philanthropy as you discover how to effectively engage them in philanthropic discussions.
Session Two: Tools for Counseling Clients
Learn about the three types of capital clients will pass to heirs, learn the triggers for philanthropic discussions, and learn how to identify clients who are interested in legacy planning.
Session Three: Strategic Uses of Donor Advised Funds
Learn about the history, structure, benefits, and creative uses of Donor Advised Funds that will allow you to utilize them effectively with philanthropic clients. This session includes a case study on using Donor Advised Funds.

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