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Biblically Responsible Investing Affinity Group Call - November 2018 - A Thoughtful Conversation Regarding Faith-Based Investing

Host, Cassandra Laymon with Tony Stinson, Rob West, and Sharon Epps

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11/19/18 4:00 PM - 11/19/18 5:00 PM (ET)


A Thoughtful Conversation Regarding Faith-Based Investing
Join host Cassandra Laymon and Kingdom Advisors’ leaders -- Tony Stinson, CEO, Rob West, President, and Sharon Epps, Chief Operating Officer -- to hear Christian financial industry updates and a thoughtful conversation regarding faith-based investing. These KA leaders will share about the opportunity to bring more advisors into the faith-based investing conversation and will help you understand KA’s role in providing a theological framework for each advisor to prayerfully determine their personal convictions. 

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