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Pastor Alistair Begg: Spiritual Encouragement for Advisors in This Crisis

Alistair Begg

4/02/20 3:00 PM - 3/13/20 4:00 PM (ET)


FEARLESS: Spiritual Encouragement for Advisors in This Crisis

Pastor Alistair Begg

Christian advisors have a unique opportunity to serve and guide clients in this season of economic uncertainty. Join Rob West as he interviews Pastor Alistair Begg to receive spiritual encouragement for advisors on the front lines of this current challenge.

Alistair Begg serves as Senior Pastor of Parkside Church in Cleveland and is a longtime friend of Kingdom Advisors. In a one-hour conference call, KA President Rob West will interview Alistair about the spiritual perspective advisors need for facing this crisis personally while ministering to clients. There will also be time for listener Q&A.

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