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Canadian Webcast with Host Lorne Robinson

3/09/21 2:00 PM - 3/09/21 3:00 PM (ET)


Preserving the Endangered Species – The Family Business
On March 9th, Lorne Robinson will interview Gordon Wusyk, Founder and Past President & CEO of Perdictable Futures Inc. He is a thought-provoking speaker, compelling writer, and an innovative coach/mentor to entrepreneurs and family business leaders. Gordon sees himself as "Economic pastor to wealth family owned businesses."

"... 70% of all family businesses never make it to the second generation & 90% fail to reach the third." During this live webcast, Gordon will provide tips to assist with wealth and estate planning for business families in transition (who make up 85% of all private businesses in Canada).

During this live webcast you will:

1. Learn how to uniquely approach family business owners in a manner that distinguishes you from other advisors.

2. Understand the dilemma that family business owners face.

3. Discover a holistic approach to facilitate a transformational vs. a transactional discussion.

4. Recognize the inherent conflict in business owners and the opportunity to bring it to a healthy resolution.

5. Receive a business owners checklist (as a take-away).

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