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Canadian Webcast with Host Lorne Robinson

4/08/21 2:00 PM - 4/08/21 3:00 PM (ET)


Resilience - the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, the ability to spring back into shape.  But how do you do this when you are exhausted? 

Dr. Dan Reinhardt will show you how in this upcoming KA Canada webinar. 

We are hearing it everywhere – “I am so done with this Covid stuff!”

We are also hearing how tired and frustrated people are, and that it`s affecting their health.

Studies show that people can typically put up with this kind of frustration for about six months, and then after that, it gets really tough. We are well past that. That’s when people get really drained out. You do not want to go there!

During this 60 minutes you will understand:

  • The unique load you are carrying
  • Two underlying principles of resilience
  • Five practical ideas you can put into practice today.


Action Required

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