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I felt like God was asking me, “What are you doing here, Scott? What is the purpose of what you are doing?” And I knew he would keep asking until something changed in how I applied my faith more fully to my work.

Then one day I read a “random” email from Kingdom Advisors inviting me to their 2021 conference. I’d never heard of KA before, but as I learned how they train advisors to integrate biblical wisdom into their advice, I knew this was the open door God was asking me to step through. I signed up for the Certified Kingdom Advisor® Educational Program right in the middle of the conference!

Building meaningful relationships with clients has always been the best part of my work. Nothing revs my engine like collaborating to apply a principle and then seeing the light in their eyes as God honors our efforts to work together. The CKA® designation has helped me do that in a better, more profound and professional way. The program has transformed my clients` experience through the way in which I give advice. Now the planning we do is more meaningful because it’s based on timeless biblical truths. The conversations we have are deeper. There is a sense of purpose to the work that we do together.

I am truly grateful to Kingdom Advisors for the invitation and education they provided through the CKA® training. Kingdom Advisors not only impacted my personal faith journey, my family, and my work, but also gave me a community of like-minded advisors to belong to!

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