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Donald Miller

Five Things Your Website Should Include Teleconference

July 2017

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Kingdom Advisors has helped thousands of financial professionals by offering tools and information to engage clients with biblical principles.

We`ve arranged for Donald Miller of StoryBrand to connect on a teleconference call to talk about the 5 things your website should include.

As a rule, people should be able to go to your website and understand what you offer within five seconds. If it takes them longer than five seconds, you`re losing sales.

At the StoryBrand Marketing Workshop he`s worked with over 1,000 businesses, non-profits and personal brands to help them clarify their message. These are the 5 suggestions he most often makes to them regarding their websites.

Learn how to most effectively implement these 5 things as a professional advisor.

About the Speaker

Donald  Miller

Donald Miller

Donald Miller is an author and public speaker and founder of StoryBrand marketing service and Storyline life coaching service.