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Cassandra Chandler-Laymon

BRI 2017 Conference Call: If Not Us, Who? If Not Now, When?

September 2017

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Guest Speaker: Buck Jacobs is Chairman of the Board and founder of The C12 Group in 1992. Applying his business knowledge from positions such as CEO of Sta-Power Italia (Spain, Rome & Italy), CEO of The Executive Development Institute and CEO, President & Director of R.G. Haskins/N.A. Strand Corp, Buck launched C12 to help Christian business executives and owners. Buck is also the author of several books, including A Light Shines Bright in Babylon – A Handbook for Christian Business Owners.

On this call, C12 Group Founder and Board Chairman, Buck Jacobs, will challenge us to reclaim our culture by stepping up and being the leaders of change within our businesses, communities, and personal lives.

About the Speaker

Cassandra  Chandler-Laymon

Cassandra Chandler-Laymon

Beacon Wealth Consultants

Cassandra Chandler-Laymon holds a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and an MBA, both from Rutgers University. She is a CFP® and a Certified Kingdom Advisor™. Prior to joining Beacon Wealth Consultants in January 2012, Cassandra owned her own financial services practice. As a former health care executive, she previously managed Education and Organizational Development for a 5,000-employee health care system, where her responsibilities included strategic planning, team and leadership development, meeting design and facilitation, and patient satisfaction. Cassie is an author and speaker. She and her husband, Rick, enjoy adventures with their three children – Sam, Bethany and Carson.