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Bill High

Making a Lasting Difference for Families: Legacy Planning Study Group

Study Group
November 2017

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Every client – and every advisor – would love to leave a generations-long legacy that guides descendants into bold godliness and positive influence on the world. In this Study Group, Bill High of National Christian Foundation Heartland explores some lesser-known Old Testament figures whose legacies spanned several centuries, and whose faithfulness is still felt today. This presentation includes a practical framework of discussion-starting questions to guide your clients into deeper conversations, leading to the founding and perpetuation of lasting family legacies.

About the Speaker

Bill  High

Bill High

National Christian Foundation Heartland

Bill High is the Chief Executive Officer of National Christian Foundation Heartland, in the Kansas City area. Bill is also the founder of iDonate.com, a fundraising software company serving the non-profit community, as well as being the founder of Christian Foundation Grants, a member-based service available to Christian non-profits and churches. He is the President of Generous Life, a legacy consulting organization with the aim of making generosity generational. Bill is also a published author and a conference speaker. Prior to joining the National Christian Foundation Heartland in 2000, he was a partner with the law firm of Blackwell Sanders LLP. Bill has been married to his wife, Brooke, for more than 25 years and they have four children.