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Ron Blue & Karen Guess

Never Enough? Three Keys to Financial Contentment Study Group

Study Group
Apr 2017

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In this Study Group, Ron Blue and his daughter, Karen Blue Guess, discuss their new book, "Never Enough? Three Keys to Financial Contentment," and discuss the idea of using each person's money story to help them achieve correct thinking about money.

About the Speakers

Ron  Blue

Ron Blue

Kingdom Advisors

Ron Blue holds a BS and an MBA from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. In 1979, he founded Ronald Blue & Company, the largest Christian financial planning firm in the country. He has authored eighteen books, including Master Your Money, The Complete Guide to Faith Based Family Finances, and Surviving Financial Meltdown. Ron is currently Founding Director of Kingdom Advisors, a ministry that empowers Christian financial advisors who seek to integrate a biblical worldview into their counsel. He is married to Judy, and they have five children and thirteen grandchildren.

Karen  Guess

Karen Guess

Kingdom Advisors

Karen Guess is a lover of adventure and a lover of words. In her adult life, she has exercised both of these loves by teaching English and history to adults in Japan, inner city students in Richmond, and suburban middle and high school students in Atlanta. She has written, edited, and generally been an advocate for grammar, clarity, and continuity in her role as Content Manager at Kingdom Advisors.  She also serves the Ron Blue Institute as a contributor to multiple curriculum projects, including the book Never Enough? Three Keys to Financial Contentment with her dad, Ron Blue.