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Jay Link Founder

Mr. Link has a unique background. His early training and career was in church ministry where he developed his passion for serving and discipling people to a deeper walk with the Lord. During this time he earned a Master of Divinity degree in Biblical Theology which has proven to be an invaluable biblical foundation for all his future ministryinitiatives.

After preaching for several years, he entered the financial services industry and a few years later began regularly teaching sound stewardship and financial principles to Christians in local churches around the country,

Over the years his career developed into a Family Wealth Counseling practice for very high net worth families helping them more effectively steward all the resources that God had entrusted to them. His ministry to these families has produced a radical transformation in their spiritual lives as well as in their ability to give generously beyond anything they ever imagined possible.

For two decades Jay has also been actively training and personally mentoring hundreds of other professional advisors to provide Family Wealth Counseling services to their clients, multiplying his stewardship ministry to advisors and families nationwide hundreds of times over.

Through Stewardship Ministries Jay actively shares his message of stewardship and generosity with church and para-church ministry leaders, development staff and financial professionals assisting them to more effectively serve their donors and clients.

Jay has written four books and over 100 articles on the topic of strategic stewardship and creative giving. His passion for bringing about personal and spiritual transformation through learning and then applying these life-changing stewardship principles is absolutely contagious.