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Tim Reinhold Director

Tim Reinhold serves as Director of Eventide’s Faith & Business Initiative, and has served in a faith and business/investing thought leadership capacity with Eventide since its founding. Tim is also an adjunct faculty member of the School of Business, Government, and Economics at Seattle Pacific University. In addition, he serves on the school’s Executive Advisory Board and, until recently, also served on the Executive Committee of the school’s Center for Integrity in Business. Tim has had an extensive and varied career in business. He co-founded four entrepreneurial ventures, including a VC-funded computer graphics company for which he developed the original product idea. For several years he provided real estate consulting to major corporations, including John Hancock, General Electric, Gillette, and Reebok. Tim is passionate about, and a long-time student of, ‘business for blessing,’ i.e., a deeply biblical understanding of God’s intent for the purpose and practice of business.