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“It can be overwhelming to figure out how to practically integrate Biblical financial principles into my client advice. With the latest Kingdom Advisors teaching, concepts, tools and supportive community of fellow advisors, my study group helps me to better effectively communicate biblical financial wisdom in my conversations with clients.” - Jeff Thomas, Certified Kingdom Advisor®                                                                               

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Study Groups are one of the most valuable resources for members of Kingdom Advisors. Over 200 Study Groups meet monthly across the U.S. and Canada to get the latest Kingdom Advisors training, tools and resources to equip you as a Christian financial advisor. Study Groups can help you better serve both your Christian and non-Christian clients. 

Study Group hold monthly meetings and are led by a Certified Kingdom Advisor® and you learn how to effectively apply biblical financial wisdom into your client advice, client conversations and practice management. Study Groups provide:

  • Professional-Level Video Training from our Kingdom Advisors faculty on topics to help you have greater impact with your client conversations. Many group meetings offer industry continuing education (CE) credits. Click on the "This Month's Study Group Video Training" tab above to watch the current month training. 
  • Valuable Best Practice, Group Discussion and Q&A facilitated by a trained Certified Kingdom Advisor® Study Group Leader. 
  • Exclusive Tools and Resources which are both practical and advisor/client-facing.
  • Relationship-Building and Networking with some of the most successful financial advisors in your community.

*If you are not yet a member, we invite you to attend a group as a welcomed guest to learn more about Kingdom Advisors. 

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“Starting a new Kingdom Advisors Study Group in my city has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I'm able to make a lasting investment in the lives of other advisors by sharing my experiences and helping them on their own personal journey as a Christian financial advisor.” 
- Jerry Black, Certified Kingdom Advisor®  

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As a Study Group Leader, all the tools and resources you need each month are fully provided so you can focus on promoting your group meetings, leading group discussion and developing relationships. Key resources include our latest online Video Teaching, Listening Guides with teaching outlines/discussion questions/advisor resources, and an online Study Group Leader Dashboard to manage your group. *You must have an active Certified Kingdom Advisor® designation to lead a Study Group or be in the process of obtaining the designation. 


  • Click the link above to download "Starting a New Kingdom Advisors Study Group" to get details on how to start a new group. Then complete the included "New Study Group Interest Information Form" and email back to Randy Glass at randy.glass@kingdomadvisors.com. 
  • Kingdom Advisors will follow up by email to schedule a phone call to answer questions and discuss the next steps to get your new group started. 

Effective client engagement isn’t a single skill, learned once and used in every situation. To work with clients most effectively, advisors must constantly study and adapt their approach to reflect the shifting economy, clients’ life stages, changes in culture, and developments in technology. In February, Kingdom Advisors looks at engaging clients with a life-centered risk management focus.

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February 2020 Study Group Video Training 

"Life-Centered Risk Management" with Mitch Anthony

Risk management is more than investment risk tolerance. A holistic Christian risk management plan encompasses many areas of life and provides service beyond the typical planning, distinguishing Kingdom Advisors from the crowd.