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R3 Coaching

Attain Work Life Balance. Have you achieved a measure of marketplace success and yet lack fulfillment and the work-life balance you desire? Developed by Paul Anthes, a successful Christian executive with 25 years of experience, the R3 Coaching Program helps you clearly design and pursue your preferred future.

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Why R3?

Growth and marketplace success can deliver unintended outcomes, often reducing our joy and fulfillment related to our work. Without intentionality, you end up trapped, only working “in” your business, and lacking time to work “on” your business. Developed by a successful Christian financial advisor, Paul Anthes, CFP®, the Kingdom Advisors R3 Coaching Program will equip you with the tools you need to experience business growth and a balanced life.

"Paul brings incredible wisdom, experience, and practical and spiritual perspective to practice and business management." -
Jerry Black, Legacy Planning Group

Paul Anthes

Paul has a refreshing approach to challenging cultural paradigms through sparking insightful conversation among groups of people. His experience in successfully applying the R3 Coaching principles to his life for over 25 years has equipped him to empower others along the way.

The greatest joy Paul experiences as an executive coach is seeing biblical wisdom and truth provide the path to a life of significance for anyone who accepts it. Paul is passionate about the application of scripture. He brings this passion and calling into all areas of life, and is energized by helping others do the same.

Professionally, Paul founded Financial Advisory Corporation, a West Michigan based wealth management firm, in 1988. From day one, Paul intentionally applied the R3 Coaching principles into his leadership, organization, and team. Since then, Paul’s company has grown to become among the largest and most established wealth management firms in West Michigan.

R3 is a three year program that meets quarterly, focusing on the following:

Year One: Enhancing Personal Productivity and Purpose

  • Pursuing your preferred future
  • Increasing work/life balance
  • Productivity enhancements
  • Steering vs. Rowing
  • Focus days

Year Two: Strategic Framework for Your Journey

  • Designing a biblical strategic plan
  • Finding and fixing problems, permanently
  • Leveraging unique abilities
  • Business vs. Practice: Which should you pursue?
  • Developing your dashboard and key metrics

Year Three: Leadership Mastery for Sustainable Success

  • Developing your “best practices”
  • Finding, hiring, and retaining the right people
  • Effective delegation
  • Process dependence vs. people dependence
  • Mentoring and coaching the next generation

Now Enrolling Class of 2018

Tuition: $4,900 annually

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

The Cohort meets 4 times per year

Cohort size limited to first 24 qualified participants

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Call 1.800.277.2864

For more information visit www.right3.com