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Canadian Webcast with Host Lorne Robinson

2/02/21 2:00 PM - 2/02/21 3:00 PM (ET)

Understanding DAF`s and Using a Foundation
The benefits to Clients and Advisors 
On February 2nd, Lorne Robinson interviews Lorne Jackson, President and Founder of Canadian National Christian Foundation. We will explore the benefits of using Donor Advised Fund`s with clients.
During this live webcast, Lorne will address:
  • 5 reasons to use a foundation
  • Differences between a public and private foundation
  • How a DAF can be a great part of an estate plan
  • Why use a foundation?
  • Why a Christian foundation?
  • What are the benefits to clients & advisors?
  • What`s different about CNCF?
  • Should generosity & charity still be part of client conversations even during these times?
  • Talking to clients about using CNCF