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Quarterly Economic Review Webcast with Jerry Bowyer

Jerry Bowyer

7/18/19 12:00 PM - 7/18/19 1:00 PM (ET)

Each quarter, Jerry Bowyer shares his perspective on economic trends and investment markets from the viewpoint of “principled reasoning,” a system of economic theory rooted in biblical wisdom.
During this live webcast, Jerry will address these questions:
  • Is the economy slowing?
  • Are we headed toward a recession?
  • What effect has the trade war had on economic growth?
  • What opportunities has the trade war created?
  • What investment strategies might be helpful in this type of economic scenario?
  • What biblical principles are currently being violated and what are the ramifications for the economy?

Special Topic: Jerry will give a preview of his research on the conditions which tend to create catastrophic national financial collapses.