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Canadian Webcast with Host Lorne Robinson

7/06/21 2:00 PM - 7/06/21 3:00 PM (ET)

Legacy By Design or Legacy By Default 

The unscripted, unfiltered truth of being widowed at 32 with three young children


Featuring Amie Uitvlugt Valenzula 



  • Understanding the impact of losing a spouse: Financial & Emotional
  • What I needed vs. what I got: death and the disconnect.
  • Kids and grieving - what it truly looks like behind the scenes.
  • Grieving what I thought life would look like.
  • How to be the friend, family, and even advisor for a widow.

This webcast will help in working with clients or prospects sufferring through loss and give you tools to help families create a legacy by design rather than the legacy by default.