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Welcome to the LPL/Kingdom Advisors Community website. In partnership with Kingdom Advisors, our LPL/Kingdom Community is an advisor-led group offering community, training, and resources to any LPL Financial advisor who desires to deliver professional financial advice that aligns with the values and priorities of their Christian and faith-based clients.


  • 2021 KINGDOM ADVISORS VIRTUAL ANNUAL CONFERENCE - 2/17 thru 2/19 - Don't miss out on the largest gathering of the Christian financial industry at the KA Annual Conference. Over 3,000 advisors are expected this year with a stellar line up of general session speakers like Michael Hyatt, Bob Doll, Andy Stanley and Louie Giglio. The conference will be like no other virtual online event you've ever attended with interactive Q&A, special workshops, activities, networking and games. The cost is only $149 for first-time attendees and $299 for all others. 18 hours of CE are available as well plus a mailed conference box you'll receive with valuable resources and goodies your use during the conference. CLICK HERE to register for the conference and use the the code CONF21FIRSTTIME if you're a first-time conference attendee to receive the $149 pricing. 
  • SPECIAL $500 SCHOLARSHIPS THROUGH 3/1/21 - CKA® EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM - Our LPL/Kingdom Advisors Community is excited to kick-off 2021 by offering $500 scholarships for LPL advisors for the CKA® Educational Program, the required training to earn the CKA® Designation. The scholarship will be applied to the $999 cost of the CKA® Bundle which includes the CKA® training plus one-year of KA membership. An anonymous donor has generously provided funds for these scholarships with a vision for hundreds of LPL advisors to earn the CKA® Designation. If you're already a KA member, your membership will be extended for one year. Take advantage of these limited-time scholarships by registering today. Click CKA® Scholarship to register now.
    • CLICK HERE to learn more about the CKA® designation.
  • LPL/KA COMMUNITY FUND - We are excited to announce that we have partnered with The Signatry to successfully establish our LPL/Kingdom Advisors Community Fund - a charitable Donor Advised Fund. The LPL/KA Community Fund is designed to financially support our collective goal of expanding our influence so that more LPL advisors are equipped to serve their Christian clients who desire biblical financial advice. We also desire to provide special benefits and offerings to the LPL/KA Community at large. To learn more about the Signatry, we encourage you to watch the Video Interview between our LPL/KA Community Board Member, Rusty Russell and Steve French, President of The Signatry.
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  • The CERTIFIED KINGDOM ADVISOR® (CKA®) designation is compliance approved by LPL Financial and added to the approved/accommodation list as permitted for all advisors (except for those advisors registered in the state of Oregon). LPL is one of the leading national firms allowing the CKA® designation to support advisors better serve the Christian consumer market segment. Hundreds of LPL advisors have earned this industry leading designation. The approval of the CKA® designation also positions our advisors and LPL Financial to more competitively retain and recruit advisors who want to serve the rapidly growing Christian client segment. CLICK HERE to learn more about the CKA® designation.

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Event: Quarterly Inspirational Call
Date: Thursday, January 14, 2021 4:00pm – 5:00pm ET
Topic: Why Worldview Matters 
Speaker: George Barna
George Barna is the Director of Research, Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University

George's focus at ACU is worldview assessment and development, and cultural transformation. Barna has written or co-authored more than 50 books, mostly addressing cultural and religious trends, leadership, spiritual development, church dynamics, and cultural transformation. They include New York Times bestsellers and several award-winning books. His works have been translated into more than a dozen foreign languages.

Take your next step with the LPL/Kingdom Advisors Community. To get the most value from our advisor community, below is list of opportunities to help you continue to grow as an LPL Financial advisor serving the Christian market segment.


  1. KA MEMBERSHIP (click here to join)
  2. CKA® DESIGNATION (click here for more info)
  3. KA STUDY GROUPS (click here to find one near you)
  4. 2021 KA VIRTUAL ANNUAL CONFERENCE - (click here for more info)


  3. GROUP LINKEDIN PAGE (click here to join)


  • Featured Resources - special value-add resources highlighted for your referenceQuarterly Inspiration Calls - recordings of past conference calls featuring various special guests to encourage and educate you. (these resources have NOT been approved by LPL Compliance)
  • Bi-Monthly Study Group Calls - interactive calls every other month featuring special presenters and guests focused on helping you apply biblical financial wisdom into your client advice. (these resources have NOT been approved by LPL Compliance)
  • Other Resources - various selected resources to support your personal and professional development (these resources have NOT been approved by LPL Compliance)
  • Resources Approved by LPL Compliance for Firm and Client Marketing Purposes - Compliance approved resources which have been formally approved by LPL Compliance.


  • "UNDERSTANDING THE CHRISTIAN MARKET SEGMENT" - Kingdom Advisors White Paper on the Christian Financial Industry. 
     A must-read and in-depth review of the Christian financial industry including: the business opportunity for advisors and firms, the financial planning differentiators of Christian clients, and the market impact of Christian financial advisors.
    Listen to the Replay
    Kingdom Advisors and our LPL/KA Community Group were featured on a LPL Advisor University call on May 13th, 2020. LPL/KA Community Board Chair Ward Keever interviewed KA President Rob West on the topic of "Serving The Faith-Based Client." This was a huge opportunity for our community to increase our visibility, awareness and impact as over 560 LPL advisors registered for the event.


Quarterly Inspiration Calls

  • 01/14/21 - George Barna - Kingdom Advisors Quarterly Inspirational Call with George Barna on Why Worldview Matters.
      Watch the Replay
  • 12/15/20 - Dan Klein - Kingdom Advisors Quarterly Inspirational Call with Dan Klein.
      Watch the Replay
  • 6/23/20 - Jay Bennett - Kingdom Advisors Quarterly Inspirational Call with Jay Bennett.
      Listen to the Replay Password: AyTTR3BZ
  • 12/17/19 - Danny Weurffel - Executive Director of Desire Street Ministries, 1996 Heisman Trophy winner for 1996 National Champions Florida Gators, and former NFL Quarterback.
     Listen to the Replay or to Replay By Phone: Dial: (206) 402-0103 with Replay ID: 118-894-449##
  • 9/17/19 - Scott Seese - Managing Director and Chief Information Officer for LPL Financial.
     Listen to the Replay or to Replay By Phone: Dial: (206) 402-0103 with Replay ID: 117-613-974#
  • 6/25/19 - Ron Blue, CEO of Ronald Blue Institute and Founder of Kingdom Advisors.
     Listen to the Replay or to Replay By Phone: Dial: (206) 402-0103 with Replay ID: 115-398-831#
  • 3/26/19 - Paul Anthes, President-Financial Advisory Corp, and Founder-R3 Coaching.
     Listen to the Replay or to Replay By Phone: Dial: (206) 402-0103 with Replay ID: 112-868-247#
  • 12/4/18 - Mitch Anthony -
     Listen to the Replay or to Replay By Phone: Dial: (206) 402-0103 with Replay ID: 112-067-769#

Bi-Monthly Study Group Calls

  • 01/20/21 - LPL-Kingdom Advisors Bi-Monthly Study Group
    Topic: How to Have The Talk: Lessons from the Field Mark Wambolt and Chris Grogan 
    Summary: While many advisors are personally convicted about the need for a values-based investing approach, many of them struggle with how to introduce this topic into their client conversations.
    Mark Wambolt and Chris Grogan have spent over a dozen years meeting with thousands of financial advisors. This presentation is a compilation of best practices gleaned from many personal stories of successes and failures from a diverse range of financial advisors, along with practical ways to implement Biblical Responsible Investing. Take this opportunity to put those conversations into your practice with practical application and guidance from Chris Grogan and the team at Eventide. They will analyze and help build a BRI portfolio that's best for you and your clients.
    Watch the Replay
  • 11/18/20 - LPL-Kingdom Advisors Bi-Monthly Study Group
    Topic: Investing for Your Clients' Values Wil Loftland 
    Summary: The increasing number of BRI mutual funds and ETF's available make it easier than ever to construct well diversified portfolios for clients that also more closely match their own values. Will Lofland will share some of the expertise of GuideStone in how they approach portfolio construction, and give examples of portfolios using various fund families already available that can make the process simpler for you and your clients. 
     Watch the Replay
  • 9/16/20 - LPL-Kingdom Advisors Bi-Monthly Study Group
    Topic: Can you have Faith in ESG? Jordan Izumi, CFP®  Vice President, Advisor Solutions Group @Crossmark Global Investments 
     Watch the Replay
  • 7/15/20 - LPL-Kingdom Advisors Bi-Monthly Study Group
    Topic: Kingdom Advisors Dispelling Myths - Performance Study on CIF Funds.
     Listen to the Replay to the Replay Password: RwCZra69
  • 6/10/20 - LPL-Kingdom Advisors Bi-Monthly Study Group
    Topic: The 3 Legged Stool of Faith Driven Investing Date:Wednesday, June 10, 2020.
     Listen to the Replay to the Replay Password: mRMXtrn2

Other Resources

  • Topic: LPL/Kingdom Advisors Community Break-Out Session
    Summary: Join us in prayer followed by opening remarks from LPL Leadership. Our LPL/KA Community Board Member, Rusty Russell will also share his personal testimony of how the LPL/Kingdom Advisors Community has impacted his faith and his business.
    Date: 11/19/20
     Watch to the Replay
  • LPL Virtual Focus Conference 2020 (LPL/KA Community Prayer Breakfast)
    Topic: The LPL/KA Community Group special prayer breakfast including prayer, updates and special announcements.  Date: 8/20/20
     Listen to the Replay Password: EpqDAYM3
  • "Simplifying the Money Conversation" by Kingdom Advisors' Founder-Ron Blue 
  • Quarterly Economic Review with Jerry Bowyer (April 2019) 
     Listen to the Replay
  • Christian Financial Industry/Kingdom Advisors White Paper - "Understanding the Christian Market Segment" 
     Read/ Download 
  • "The Healthy Business Index" - Paul Anthes, R3 Coaching

Resources Approved by LPL Compliance for Firm/Client Marketing

  • New Resources Coming Soon



  • G. Ward Keever IV - Board Chair, ward@covenantwealthstrategies.com
  • Aaron Larson - Vice Chair, alarson@waterrockfinancial.com
  • Loran Graham - Past Board Chair, Loran@lorangraham.com
  • Rusty Russell - Treasurer, rusty@covenant-wm.com
  • Bain Nickels - Member at Large, bain@nickelswealth.com
  • Eric Freckman - Member at Large, eric@gf-wealth.com
  • Sean Weaver - Member at Large, sean@onexvi.com
  • Pete Lesnik - Member at Large, peter.lesnik@lpl.com
  • Kate Redden - Secretary, imwealthcare.com
  • Ryan Heacock - Member at Large, ryan@fellowshipfp.com